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    updated 10/14/2014

    (Part time, Seasonal, Weekends required)
    Front desk position interacting with guests. Responsibilities will include checking guests in and out, posting cash and credit card transactions. Provide overall customer satisfaction, including knowledge of resort amenities. Applicant should have strong customer service skills. Computer literacy helpful.

    (Full time, Shifts vary, Weekends a must)
    Applicants should have basic carpentry, plumbing, and electrical experience. General repairs of hotel rooms, public areas and resort property. 3 years minimum experience. Must be willing to work varied shifts, including nights, weekends and holidays.

    (Full time, Seasonal, Weekends a must)
    Groundskeeper and litter patrol needed. Duties include lawn maintenance, firewood, pruning, litter and general grounds clean up. Previous experience required.

    (Part time, Shifts vary, Weekends a must)
    Part time positions available. 3 days per week. Duties include cleaning guest rooms and public areas. Must be able to work independently and be reliable.


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